Cyperbio 100 EW - 1 litre

Special Precautions


  • Professional strength insecticide for flying and crawling insects - an insecticidal surface spray for use in public health, food storage practice, waste and refuse sites.
  • Highly effective broad spectrum, water based insecticide with long term residual activity
  • Contains 9.26% Cypermethrin HSE 7507
  • 1 litre bottle dilutes to 159 litres and provides up to 20 treatments
  • 25ml dilutes to 4 litres and treats 100 square metres
  • Insecticide for professional use against flying and crawling insects such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies, wasps andmosquitos in public hygiene areas by application to surfaces including walls, floors, cracks and crevices and around the basis of machinery / equipment or directly at insects.

Available in 1 litre measuring bottle