Twenty-One - 1kg

Special Precautions


Twenty-One is a uniquely formulated product for professional use against flies in livestock housing by application to walls and ceilings of cowsheds, stables, piggeries, poultry sheds and other environments.

  • The active ingredient, Azamthiphos, is the fastest chemical on the market
  • The only product available that can be both sprayed and painted
  • Controls adult flies for 4-6 weeks
  • Attracts insects fast with pheremones and attractants
  • See results straight away - kills flies almost instantly
  • The only product on the market that can kill by contact or ingestion


Mix 250gms Twenty One and 250ml water into a paste and apply either to a card and hang up or paint on walls and doors or around windows where flies are seen.  When painting onto surface, apply in strips to allow flies to land on untreated areas and feed from the edges.  

Note:  after disinfection product will need to be reapplied.