Vulcan Fly Spray - 5 Litre

Special Precautions


Atomiser or compression sprayer for the control of flies, midges, general flying/crawling insects.

Vulcan P RFU fly spray is an odourless kerosene-based, ready-for-use (RFU) fly spray based on the killing agent permethrin and the knock down agent tetramethrin.

This product is designed for application through a simple atomiser for the control of flies and other flying insects in a wide range of situations including farm buildings. It is also extremely effective as a ready for use surface spray for the control of resting or crawling insects.

The formulation approved in the UK for application as a residual spray and as a ‘space’ treatment

Contains: Permethrin 0.25% w/w, tetramethrin 0.125% w/w, piperonyl butoxide 0.75% w/w.